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If you are taking your first steps in the world of cloud accounting software, then you are probably still weighing up your options. How you perceive things will depend on whether you are an old hand at accounting software on the desktop, or perhaps are switching from paper based accounts, or even a new start up. Hearing from those who have gone on to the cloud already can give you valuable insight.

"Everything is there, up to date and right where I can access it"

As a one-man-band, I needed the flexibility of keeping my book up to date from the van. Before it was a case of writing it all down in a notebook and updating everything in the evening when I got home.

Now I'm not sat in front of the computer all evening, my books are immediately up to date. I was even able to use the information with the bank when I was looking for finance to expand.
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"Our books are much safer now!"

Our business developed from the home business I set up while on maternity leave. After my husband joined in all of our income was from our business which was doing well.

Then we were flooded. We were able to save most of the paper records, but our computer was ruined - along with all our accounts data. When we rebuilt we decided we had to do something about that. Moving all our accounts to the cloud was one of the smartest things we've done. We don't ever have to worry about scheduling time with the accountant either because he can see it all from his office whenever he needs to.
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