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Taking the books off the desktop

If you ask most people to think of accounting software, any who have any experience of working in a small to medium business will probably mention Sage. In the late 90s Sage was the market leader when it came to electronic bookkeeping and accountancy. With a range of packages for varying sized companies, Sage did seem to have something for everyone, there were hundreds of training courses being run up and down the country (and around the world) teaching people how to use Sage properly and get the best out of it.

Sage takes to the cloud

But this is the era of cloud computers and there is no reason why accounting shouldn't be part of it. One of the biggest benefits, certainly for new users, is that your accountant can simulataneously access your accounts through their own secure connection and talk you through something over the phone. This is better than scheduling a meeting with your accountant, and then traipsing down there with your accounts on a backup for them to review.

Sage hasn't been ignoring the world of cloud accounting, although they are late entrants. Their first attempt, Sage Live, was quickly withdrawn due to demonstrating a complete lack of appreciation for security - something every other cloud accounting software developer was utterly horrified by. The current version is Sage One. While produced by perhaps the world's largest and most experienced producer of accounting software, Sage One has been criticised for its lack of functions. Ideal for very simple uses such as cash only businesses and able to give end of year reporting for HMRC, it lacks any serious features for more complex purposes.

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