Xero easily allows you to see your financial reports with current figures, which are all prepared at the touch of a button. As well as this you can see all your accounts simply and easily before the end of the month, where normally you would spend hours at the end of each month totting up the figures.

Financial reports in Xero allows you to easily keep check of your budget throughout the month in a detailed and complete form, which you can then compare against other previous figures. Xero also gives you the amazing capability to lock old financial reports so you don't need to view reports before your financial year-end.

Most people who deal with accounts know the strain that tax returns take, especially with large businesses, but with Xero you can do a VAT return in an instant with everything being calculated by the software, and then you can easily save a full audit trail, by creating a picture of the return, after you have completed it.

This is not all Xero offers in its reports; Xero also offers the ability to see how the different sections of your business are doing, either by geographical location, different departments or anything else you may want to track. If you want you can also export your reports into Microsoft Excel or into Google Docs, so you can then you can do a deep analysis of your figures to discover ways to improve your finances.

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