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Puts your accounts out of harms way

Security is an ever present concern for many people who work with computers. The thought of exposing such sensitive information as your accounts to an online system after all of the horror stories of hackers and data-security breaches can be unthinkable to many people. You might think that this is a reason to be wary of cloud accounting - and many industry experts would have agreed with you ten years ago. But today, it is a safe and proven technology.

Are your books safe now?

The fact is, however you keep your accounts - there is the potential for them being lost or stolen. Fire and flood can destroy paper based accounts, burglary or viruses can wipe out electronic records, and whatever back ups you keep are susceptible to the inevitable problems that occur with human error. Surely moving to cloud accounting is a good way to avoid any horror stories?

This gaping lack in confidence is something that all cloud accounting providers have learned to deal with. Early entrants into the cloud accounting marketplace, including Twinfield, all took steps to ensure the security of the systems they were offering. Because of this, the cloud accounting world has become renowned for highly secure and reliable protection of their customer's data.


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