Manage Your Contacts

With Xero each time you input a transaction into the system a contact is created, or alternatively you can import all your contacts into Xero at once. This then allows you to track each of your client and supplier's history for payments, which can be viewed alongside the average duration it takes for them to pay and what their current outstanding payments are at. This allows you to see if there is any payment problem, which could identify financial struggles they may be having.

With Xero you can easily manage the relationship with your clients by keeping all their details together for easy and quick trading, with bank details, tax IDs, notes you have made on the company and more, all in one place. Also with Xero's contact function you can view a Google map of their location so you can easily go pay them a visit to discuss business arrangements, as well as being able to call them directly on their Skype if you have their Skype account name. Also when you have similar contacts it means you can group them together and send them all an invoice at the same time which is exactly the same.

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