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First established back in 1968 by the company founders, John Simpkins and Gordon Edwards, Simpkins Edwards has been offering a professional accounting service to clients for many years. Their service includes business advice, accountancy, and tax consultancy, which they offer to businesses. As well as their business services, Simpkins Edwards also provide a selection of services to private individuals.

Planning for the future allows for improved business growth, and allows you to set up objectives so you can take steps to achieve them. They can offer specialised and tailored advise for your company, including advice on growing your business, purchasing a business or setting up a brand new business.

At Simpkins Edwards they offer a wide selection of accounting services to their clients. Their services can be broken down into the core bookkeeping service, as well as services for audits, payroll, corporate finance and tax planning.

Simpkins Edwards pride themselves on helping their clients gain a vital understanding of the operations of the business, so allowing you to make the most of all possible business opportunities.

Contact Simpkins Edwards
Telephone: 01392 211 233
Fax: 01392 413 173
Address: Simpkins Edwards LLP
Michael House, Castle Street
Exeter, Devon, EX4 3LQ
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What services do Simpkins Edwards offer?


Accountants Exeter Specialising in family business

They work with numerous family businesses offering valued and vital experience, and knowledge to overcome any business challenges.

Payroll Accountant Exeter Business services

Simpkins Edwards are able to assist with business growth, maximising revenue, purchasing a company or becoming self employed.

Accountant Devon Bookkeeping

At Simpkins Edwards they are able to keep your books up-to-date and make sure you are filing correct tax figures to the government.

Payroll Accountants Devon Tax planning

With the team at Simpkins Edwards they are able to advise on tax for for businesses and individuals, and can even provide tax investigations.

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