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First established back in 1983, Bick Accountants have been building themselves a respected reputation in Exeter, as well as in Exmouth where they opened an office in 1998.

At Bick Accountants they provide a wide selection of services to businesses, which includes helping small and large companies in numerous sectors. Their services include ensuring business compliance, support to maximise growth and profitability, consultancy, as well as tax assistance.

Bick offer their services not only to businesses but to private individuals too. They are able to offer you with financial advice for investments and pensions, so you can make sure your money is being invested in a way that will see the best possible return.

One of Bick Accountants main features is that they help start-up companies with the process of becoming a business. Firstly, they will establish with you what business structure would be best for your business, whether it is a sole trader, partnership, limited company or other, then will prepare a business plan for you to keep to. As well as the advice they can offer, and the forecasts they can provide, they are also able to assist with your bookkeeping to ensure it is legally compliant.

As well as accounting services, they are able to advise on a selection of information technology suggests, including selection of hardware and software (including bookkeeping and payroll systems), as well as installation and training. Modernising a company can save time, improve accuracy, and make tasks simpler.

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What services do Bick Accountants offer?

Accountants Devon Compliance services

Bick Accountants can assist with ensuring your accounts are formatted in the necessary state for legal documents.

Payroll Accountant Exeter Business start-up assistance

Getting started with a new business can be a difficult task, especially with minimal investment capital, so they will remove many burdens when setting up.

Accountants Exeter Investing money and pensions

Planning for the future is essential in the modern economy, and with Bick Accountants they can offer you specialist knowledge within the field.

Exeter Accountants Taxation

Bick Accountants are tax advisors so it is their aim to work with their clients to ensure clients are not overpaying tax.

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